Inviting a SharePoint Calendar to a meeting

Many people use SharePoint calendars to manage conference rooms and other resources. By mail enabling a SharePoint calendar, you can easily reserve these resources by inviting them to the event.

Mail enabling requires some technical work to set up the connection between SharePoint and Exchange, but assuming that has been done, setting this up is really pretty simple.

First, open up the calendar you would like to invite. Under the Calendar tab, click List Settings.

SharePoint Calendar Communications GroupAt the top of the page on the far right, you should see Incoming e-mail settings under the Communications group. (If the communications group doesn’t list this option, then your SharePoint Administrator needs to set up the connection with Exchange.) Click on Incoming e-mail settings.

Email a SharePoint calendarSelect the radial button to Allow this list to receive e-mail and make up a logical email address for it. Click Ok. At the bottom.

Your calendar is now set up to receive invitations by email. Test it, but creating a new appointment, and invite the list.

SharePoint Calendar


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