Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016

I recently presented at Denver SharePoint Meetup on “Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016”. It was a really fun experience. I think I earned a few honest chuckles, and hopefully shared some interesting research. I used Sway for the presentation. If you haven’t heard of it before, Sway is a young product for Microsoft that is … Continue reading Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016

Modify Form Web Part

When viewing or editing the properties of a document in a document library, SharePoint displays these details in a very plain page. Just the facts. Function over form. These pages can be customized in a few ways. Adding content to the top of the form Adding content (like a help video, explanation, or some other … Continue reading Modify Form Web Part

Sharing links to documents with SharePoint

SharePoint makes it easy to send links to documents instead of attachments. This makes a big difference to the productivity of an organization for a few reasons: Especially, if a company has a culture of carbon copying and replying all, email can get out of hand. Email is a problem because we all receive hundreds … Continue reading Sharing links to documents with SharePoint

SharePoint Send To Feature

The Send To feature in SharePoint allows a user to copy a document to second location in SharePoint, but maintain a relationship between the copy and the original so that changes to the original will be pushed to each copy. In the example for applying this tool I created below, a project team would use … Continue reading SharePoint Send To Feature

Contract Management System

I’ve had a couple of requests now for a SharePoint Contract Management System, so I thought I would write up one approach to the project. SharePoint contract management systems are unique to each company, but typically they involve these features: Stores draft and final versions of contracts Manages contract phases (under review, approved, active, and … Continue reading Contract Management System