How difficult it is To stop swimming And let the current alone Carry me to the shore.

Why get an MBA

A coworker asked me as we were walking out of the office late one night why I was bothering with an MBA. This was a debate I’d held for years before finally deciding last year to apply. I pointed to each of the offices that lined the exterior of the building and counted, “MBA, MBA, … Continue reading Why get an MBA

Market Failures and the MBA

I’m one week into a graduate level economics class, and my professor published this announcement. Most of the work is via the software and my role is to guide you and to work on enhancing your intuition via the discussion. Basically the software is your teacher and every student has a private teacher, the software. … Continue reading Market Failures and the MBA

Decision Support Systems and Business Agility

There are 3 factors in Digital Business Agility: hyperawareness, informed decision making, and fast execution. Agile businesses sense shifts in the market, make informed decisions about those changes, and execute on the decisions.

Traditional and modern marketing

Though I have spent most of my career in marketing, I finally took my first real marketing class in the spring 2018 semester of my MBA. 30 of us paid a collective $60,000 to learn the 4 P’s, market research techniques, how to write a business plan, and a dozen other interesting concepts. I enjoyed … Continue reading Traditional and modern marketing