Modify Form Web Part

When viewing or editing the properties of a document in a document library, SharePoint displays these details in a very plain page. Just the facts. Function over form. These pages can be customized in a few ways. Adding content to the top of the form Adding content (like a help video, explanation, or some other … Continue reading Modify Form Web Part

SharePoint Slideshow

Recently a client asked if there was a way to send pictures to SharePoint from a cell phone. The company was running a scavenger hunt, and they wanted all of the fun photos to be available on the portal. The answer is yes, and in fact, there are a couple of ways to do it. … Continue reading SharePoint Slideshow

Contract Management System

I’ve had a couple of requests now for a SharePoint Contract Management System, so I thought I would write up one approach to the project. SharePoint contract management systems are unique to each company, but typically they involve these features: Stores draft and final versions of contracts Manages contract phases (under review, approved, active, and … Continue reading Contract Management System

SharePoint Employee onboarding / termination workflow

Several of my clients to help with their employee onboarding and termination workflow. SharePoint is a good fit for shepherding employees through the system. This process can be monitored and managed using SharePoint to prevent forgotten tasks, errors, and redundant work. SharePoint can pick up at any point during the process, even as early as … Continue reading SharePoint Employee onboarding / termination workflow

First Last name combination

There are a lot of extra columns in default contact lists, and many of them never get used. For Example, by default First Name, Last Name, and Full Name are three different fields.  Most people skip entering the Full Name field to avoid the double data entry. A simple formula in a new calculated field … Continue reading First Last name combination