How difficult it is To stop swimming And let the current alone Carry me to the shore.


The onslaught of Linkedin recruiters, changing norms with the younger generation (Of which I am a proud member), and a hundred other factors have had their toll, and as a consequence the average tenure of an employee has decreased to as little as 1 year in highly technical companies. Even if internal recruiters can fill … Continue reading Turnover

The Least Useful Talent

Some people have a knack for seeing the inevitability of failure and try to contribute by pointing out imperfections, road blocks, and problems. That has to be the least useful talent. Foreseeing tragedy. A slightly less useless talent is that of finding good ideas- issuing approval of the vision without a thought toward how it … Continue reading The Least Useful Talent

Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016

I recently presented at Denver SharePoint Meetup on “Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016”. It was a really fun experience. I think I earned a few honest chuckles, and hopefully shared some interesting research. I used Sway for the presentation. If you haven’t heard of it before, Sway is a young product for Microsoft that is … Continue reading Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016

SharePoint is Hard

SharePoint is easy. After about a 30 minute explanation, anyone with average computer skills can start building pages. The pointing and clicking part of SharePoint is straightforward. But SharePoint is hard.  Organizing content or designing a user interface in a way that is intuitive for a broad group of people is very complex. To do that … Continue reading SharePoint is Hard