Donuts and Power View

DonutGrowing up, Daylight Donuts was the only donut shop in my small home town of Sterling, Colorado. My childhood is dotted with memories of sprinkles donuts, long johns, and chocolate milk.

Now that I live in Denver, and have access to many other donut shops, I still believe that Daylight are the best. To prove the point, this year for my birthday, we invited my large extended family to a donut judging competition.

We had categories for Long Johns, Sprinkles, and Glazed, and there were entrants from Daylight, Winchell’s, LaMar’s, Dunkin, and Safeway.

We cut up the donuts and put them on numbered plates. Each person voted a first place and runner up for each category. The first place vote got 2 points. Runner up was 1. The winner of the category had the most points.

The Best Donut

I’m happy to say that Daylight won the Long Johns and Sprinkles categories. LaMar’s ran away with glazed, having almost double the points of the next competitor.

Safeway, interestingly, came in second on glazed, so your taste/expense ratio was pretty good there.

We also totaled up all of the points from all of the categories to determine the grand champion. Because of its extraordinary showing on the glazed donut, LaMar’s won, with Daylight in a close second.

Power View

For fun (yes, that’s fun for me) I worked up a Power View to display the results of the competition.

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