Make an Exchange calendar visible in SharePoint

To view an Exchange calendar in SharePoint, you can overlay the exchange calendar onto a dummy SharePoint calendar. First create a blank calendar in SharePoint with a recognizable name. Select the calendar and choose “Calendars Overlay” in the Calendar tab. Then, click on “New Calendar”. Type a name for the calendar. Then select Exchange for … Continue reading Make an Exchange calendar visible in SharePoint

SharePoint Calendar Overlays

Companies needing to manage several different related calendars can use a SharePoint Calendar overlays to view them stacked atop one another at the same time. Calendar overlays are useful for conference room schedules, project schedules, or in any situation in which calendars from various sites need to be aggregated in the same place. Creating a … Continue reading SharePoint Calendar Overlays

SharePoint Calendar and Outlook Integration

SharePoint calendars can be viewed and edited from within Outlook by creating a connection. Anyone with permission to view the calendar should be able to sync it with Outlook. After selecting your calendar, click the “Connect to Outlook” button in the Calendar tab. Click “Allow” and “Yes” on the warning popups, and the SharePoint calendar … Continue reading SharePoint Calendar and Outlook Integration

SharePoint Calendar Views

By default, SharePoint displays calendars with a standard Month (Sunday through Saturday) format. There are several ways to change this view. Changing the Scope You can change the scope of the calendar to view day by day or week by week. When the calendar is selected, click on the Calendar tab at the top of … Continue reading SharePoint Calendar Views

Basic SharePoint Calendars

Calendars are fairly straight forward with SharePoint. They are identical in every level of licensing though the version (2007, 2010, or 2013) can change the interface and functionality a little.  To add a calendar to a page, you’ll need to have site owner level access. Create a new calendar Open your SharePoint site or the … Continue reading Basic SharePoint Calendars