Donuts and Power View

I used Excel Power View to show the results of our donut competition.

Interesting Excel Power Maps for SharePoint Business Intelligence

I’ve written a few articles on Power Map as a Business Intelligence tool for Microsoft SharePoint, and I wanted to wrap up the series by showing some content from other creators. Microsoft’s Power BI blog is really well-written and interesting, and I highly recommend subscribing. Last week they published Top 10 Power Map Tours. Here … Continue reading Interesting Excel Power Maps for SharePoint Business Intelligence

Power View Maps

I’ve written a couple of posts now on Excel Power Maps (Power Maps for Excel,  Formatting Data for Power Maps), which is a great tool for creating maps from Excel data. Similar maps can also be created using Excel Power View. You'll probably need to enable Power View to be able to use it.  There … Continue reading Power View Maps

Formatting Data for Excel Power Map

Not all data works well in Excel Power Map. Properly formatting you data will create better maps.

Power Maps for Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Power Map for Excel 2013 extends the software’s tool set to include seeing data on maps. Microsoft Power Map doesn’t require Latitudes and longitudes. Regular address information is fine.