Embed a YouTube video into SharePoint

SharePoint has several options for adding videos to a page.  It even accepts YouTube content by embedding iframes snippets. How do you get the YouTube embedding snippet? To get the embedding snippet, you’ll need to navigate in your browser to the desired video on YouTube. Once you’re on that page: Click the Share button under … Continue reading Embed a YouTube video into SharePoint

List Grouped View

One of my clients asked for help managing a very long list of internal training classes. They needed several hundred classes divided up by department, experience level, and program. A Grouping view is a fast way to make a big list like this more readable. A grouped view hides the content of a list or … Continue reading List Grouped View

The Feared Horizontal Scroll

Users hate the horizontal scroll. It’s annoying, unintuitive, and amateurish. The trouble is that SharePoint seems to love it. SharePoint pages often need to be trimmed down to fit a typical screen.  Here are a few tips for getting skinny with your pages. Eliminate Unused Columns “Modified Date” and “Modified By” is displayed in the … Continue reading The Feared Horizontal Scroll

Dress up your Links in SharePoint with Promoted Links

Standard lists of links, whether internal or external, are pretty boring, and users hate boring. Here are a couple of ways to polish it up a bit. Add an image The first way is to add an icon for each of the links. Start by going to List Settings under the List tab. Click Create … Continue reading Dress up your Links in SharePoint with Promoted Links

SharePoint Permissions

SharePoint permissions limit visibility of content to specific users and groups of users. They can be set at the site, library, folder, and item level. Changing Permissions Review permissions for a document library by clicking on “Permissions for this document library” in the settings screen for that document library.  You’ll see a list of users … Continue reading SharePoint Permissions