SharePoint Hierarchy of Needs

Adapted from a longer MCS blog article on the SharePoint Hierarchy of Needs.

SharePoint Hierarchy of NeedsMaslow’s Hierarchy of Needs considers Food and Shelter as more important than self-esteem and creativity on his Hierarchy of Needs. SharePoint sites have a similar order to their priorities. Focus on these needs in the right order or you’ll end up with a top heavy pyramid.

  • Design– Using the right logos and colors to create an attractive site conveys that the site is stable, permanent, and well thought-out. Put the finishing touches on your site my thinking of the function and the form.
  • Usefulness– Apply SharePoint’s bag of tools too current, substantial problems in the organization to show off its functionality.
  • Accessibility– Integrating with Office and getting the mobile view really humming will help users get more excited about the product. Don’t force users to remember an obscure URL. Set it as the default home page for work computers.
  • Search and Organization– Finding what users need is almost the most important goal of the SharePoint site. Optimize your search and use intelligent taxonomy to organize the content.
  • Stability / Speed– A site has to be stable and fast or users will ignore or abandon it.

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