SharePoint is Hard

SharePoint is easy. After about a 30 minute explanation, anyone with average computer skills can start building pages. The pointing and clicking part of SharePoint is straightforward. But SharePoint is hard.  Organizing content or designing a user interface in a way that is intuitive for a broad group of people is very complex. To do that … Continue reading SharePoint is Hard

Contract Management System

I’ve had a couple of requests now for a SharePoint Contract Management System, so I thought I would write up one approach to the project. SharePoint contract management systems are unique to each company, but typically they involve these features: Stores draft and final versions of contracts Manages contract phases (under review, approved, active, and … Continue reading Contract Management System

Managing SharePoint Projects

Just like with software development, the answer to “Is it possible?” with SharePoint is always yes. Yes, we can remove the quick launch menu. Yes, we can change the colors of the font based on its values. Yes, we can build up to 2,000 sub-sites. But too many yeses lead to blown timelines, erratic development, … Continue reading Managing SharePoint Projects

Ongoing SharePoint Support and Marketing

SharePoint should be continually re-launched to users through marketing and continuing innovation.  If the purpose of the platform is significant, then the change to the users' working style could be profound, and users need continuous support to understand that new working style and understand the value of the change.  Continually sell the program by improving … Continue reading Ongoing SharePoint Support and Marketing

SharePoint Data Loss Prevention

SharePoint’s strength is in helping people share and collaborate around content, but if unmanaged, that ability to share can create information security issues. These issues come in many forms: Noncompliant sharing of Sensitive Personal Information (Protected Health Information, etc.) Risky behavior with client or employee financial data Accidental sharing of corporate financial information to the … Continue reading SharePoint Data Loss Prevention