The Product Development Banana

A client tells the industry rag he wants a banana. The industry rag identifies a trend in “Linear Fruit.” Vendor Executives read the article and innovate on “Linear Food.” Vendor product team develops “Sausage Services” Vendor Sales asks the client if he wants a hot dog.

Anchoring Culture and Attitude

Amazon (I'm told) anchors their culture with a metaphor. Every employee uses a cheap wooden door for a desk. It's the key to getting a $107B company to act like a start up. Baseball players anchor a culture of winning and mutual support by growing playoff beards. Personal Culture Attitude is a kind of personal … Continue reading Anchoring Culture and Attitude

Technology Debt

Code Debt is the result of borrowing against future effort to speed short term delivery of code-  the cost inevitably being paid back with interest when it must be fixed to be upgraded or changed. Ben Horowitz points out that the concept applies elsewhere- like managerial debt, which is often paid back with politics and … Continue reading Technology Debt

Service Management Office

How is IT doing, and how could it do better? Can you say (after all of the hard work and late nights) that you have made measurable progress on improving service delivery quality, or is it a struggle to even define what that means? Having perspective on this question is critical to setting and achieving … Continue reading Service Management Office

On the Precipice of Digitalization

Every industry will face an inflection point at which technology will introduce dramatic change. Some companies will not be ready for their respective revolution, and their legacy business models and the quaint advantages upon which they traded will no longer be sufficient. Digitalization in Banks The banking industry is a great example. Banks are facing … Continue reading On the Precipice of Digitalization