On the Precipice of Digitalization

Every industry will face an inflection point at which technology will introduce dramatic change. Some companies will not be ready for their respective revolution, and their legacy business models and the quaint advantages upon which they traded will no longer be sufficient. Digitalization in Banks The banking industry is a great example. Banks are facing … Continue reading On the Precipice of Digitalization

Businesses move to support remote working

Stepping into Carbon Beverage Cafe on Platte, you’ll hear light music, steam from an espresso machine, and the chatter of keyboards from the patrons who spend their day at community tables or converging around the spare visible outlet. These remote workers are here every day for a few minutes or hours. They work at some … Continue reading Businesses move to support remote working

Application Rationalization

Application Rationalization is the process by which IT reasserts control and brings technology investments in line with current and future business needs.


The onslaught of Linkedin recruiters, changing norms with the younger generation (Of which I am a proud member), and a hundred other factors have had their toll, and as a consequence the average tenure of an employee has decreased to as little as 1 year in highly technical companies. Even if internal recruiters can fill … Continue reading Turnover

The Least Useful Talent

Some people have a knack for seeing the inevitability of failure and try to contribute by pointing out imperfections, road blocks, and problems. That has to be the least useful talent. Foreseeing tragedy. A slightly less useless talent is that of finding good ideas- issuing approval of the vision without a thought toward how it … Continue reading The Least Useful Talent