Solving emotionally charged problems

  • You can probably solve the problem yourself if you try to explain it out loud. Find someone who will listen without trying to talk over you.
  • Take care of the emotional state first. Then, abstract the problem from the people and solve it. This is difficult to do. 
  • Realize, you might be attached to the negative emotion. You might not want it solved.
  • Meeting emotional needs is a completely legitimate factor in making a decision. Good decisions are compromises between head and heart.
  • Some problems are simply low blood sugar. Every work day for 17 years, I’ve had a mid-life crisis at 2:30. I eat a snack and feel better.
  • Attachment and love are two different things which look identical when you’re feeling them. The difference is only obvious with years of perspective. 
  • Watch your inertia. Sometimes the wrong choice is easier because you’ve made that choice many times before. 
  • If you’re having difficulty making a decision, it could be that the outcomes of the options are nearly identical. It’s simultaneously hard and useless to decide between two identical outcomes. Just pick one.
  • Do not expect different outcomes from the same decisions.

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