MOS SharePoint 2013 Certification Exam 77-419

Exam 44-719Just before Thanksgiving, I took and passed the Microsoft exam 77-419 to get my Microsoft Office Specialist: SharePoint 2013 certification.

Although I can’t share any details about the test, I thought I would write up some thoughts to help others pass the exam. Keep in mind that Microsoft varies the test for each taker, so my experience may be different from yours.

General test structure

  • The 77-419 test is timed at 50 minutes. I finished it in about 15 minutes and then spent 5 minutes double checking some answers.
  • My testing center charged $115 to take the test or $155 for the test with one free retake.
  • Most of the questions were exercises that had to be accomplished in a simulation of the program. Microsoft has examples of question formats and other good test prep information at this link.
  • The test is entirely computer based. Upon submitting the exam, you’ll immediately know if you passed.

MS Exam 77-419 isn’t that tough

Microsoft describes the test on this page. I spent evenings for a couple of weeks reading through all of the links on that page. It was good to learn all of that information, but most of it wasn’t required for the test.

For example, the description said that “Configure and consume site search results” would take up 15 – 20% of the test.  It linked to this page on transforming queries and configuring search web parts, but the test did not cover any of the technical aspects of search.  It covered search from a user perspective, i.e. how to narrow down search results, but there was nothing about transforming queries etc. You don’t need to know jiu-jitsu- just how to push.

What does 77-419 cover?

I would say the test does an accurate job of gauging proficiency in site owner level skills.  You need to know how to add, edit, and manipulate sites, pages, web parts and content.  You need to know MySites and its sharing features. You need to know permissions, content types, site columns, document sets, and other essential functionality.

Why get the MOS SharePoint 2013 Certification

Microsoft offers a few certifications in SharePoint, most of which are technical.  The MOS SharePoint 2013 test is designed for SharePoint site owners who need to demonstrate their knowledge with creating SharePoint sub-sites and pages and managing access to that content.

I debated getting this certification for a while, but decided that it does provide some credibility and studying for the test would be useful. It was my first test in 11 years- since college.

I’m currently considering the MCSA: Office 365 certification for this Spring.  Ultimately, I think I’ll work into the development certification, MCSD: SharePoint Applications or the MCSE: SharePoint.


  1. Hi, I am planning to take the exam and i need to find some materials to study for the exam. Could you please provide me some good links to get some materials..

    Thanks a lot..

  2. Steven,
    Do you know of any practice exams for this cert? I couldn’t find any legit ones like Transcender.

    • Hello,

      I’m afraid I haven’t seen any practice exams. Microsoft was running free retakes earlier this year. You might see if that program is still going on. The testing center I went to offered a retake for about an additional 20%. That might be another option. Good luck!

  3. This was very helpful as I have already received my SP 2010 MOS. That test was pretty much the same way although I was so nervous. I hate tests. It would seem we are taking the same career path as well. Again thanks for this. Good luck on future tests.

  4. Steven,

    For over a year I have tried to learn more about this exam. A book or two was written on passing the SP 2010 exam but none were written about 77-419.

    So here’s hoping that the book you recommended will help. I just ordered Beginning SharePoint 2013: Building Business Solutions.

    I also tried to reach out to you via LinkedIn. Thanks for your blog post.

    Best Wishes on Your Future Tests,


    • Steven,

      I could not find a book specifically on passing 77-419. I use the book you recommend (Beginning SharePoint) as a complementary text to video studies.

      CBT nuggets wanted $84 a month to access their video. Too much. I purchased the SimpliLearn video for 77-419 instead.

      If anyone following this thread is interested in comparing notes in their studies or preparation, I’m pretty easy to find on LinkedIn.

      Steven, if you have time to email/chat about the exam, that would be great. Thanks.

      Richard Kraneis, PMP
      Chicago, IL USA

      • Steven,

        I am 100 days and 83 study hours (I keep a log) into my preparation for 77-419.

        I am using the following:

        1) SimpliLearn videos on 77-419.
        2) Beginning SharePoint 2013: Building Business Solutions to help explain some points. Although that book is not a 77-419 prep guide.
        3) A SharePoint mentor. A SharePoint friend of mine has kindly helped me with answering my 77-419 questions.

        Currently my 77-419 study guide that I am building is 147 pages long. Yikes.

        You may think I am over preparing but it’s just the same method I used to pass ITIL v3 and my PMP. Slow and steady, a bit tedious, but it gets the job done. I do not actively use SharePoint in my work (wish I did). If I used SharePoint actively, understanding 77-419 topics would be easier.

        I just hope I can pass the test in October or November before Microsoft ends the test availability.

        Any idea when Microsoft might discontinue the 77-419 test? Thanks Steven.


      • Hi Richard,
        I’m afraid I don’t have any special insight of when they will discontinue the test, though I suspect a lot of your hard work will translate to the new one well. It sounds like you’ve spent a lot of time preparing. If you’re open to suggestions, I’d say you should take a swing at it. Even if you fail the test, you’ll at least have a better sense of how to focus your effort.

      • Steven,

        I appreciate your advice but I need to prepare a bit more for the 77-419.

        I have finished the final lesson in SimpliLearn (Lesson 10) and then I will practice with their questions for a couple of weeks. After I have pre-tested myself for a few weeks, then I will schedule for the test.

        I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

        Best Wishes,


  5. Hi Steve,
    I’m new to SharePoint as in I just worked little bit on MOSS 2007… Would that exam be helpful for me – as a beginner if want to start with SharePoint 2013 ?

  6. Hi steve,
    I’m new to the world of SharePoint like I worked little bit on MOSS 2007. Would that exam be helpful for me – as a beginner, if I want to start with SharePoint 2013

  7. Hi Steve, I’m new to SharePoint like I worked little bit on MOSS 2007. Would this exam be helpful for me – as a beginner, to start with SharePoint 2013 ?

    • Hi Cherry,

      I’d say it depends on what you’re trying to do. If you want to consult professionally, or own a SharePoint site for your company, then the exam is a good fit. If you’re just looking to make some edits to pages, then you don’t need to go that far.


    • Hi Steve,

      Can you please suggest me some books to SP2013 that would help me for this exam? And for learning purpose as well!


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