Sharing links to documents with SharePoint

SharePoint makes it easy to send links to documents instead of attachments. This makes a big difference to the productivity of an organization for a few reasons: Especially, if a company has a culture of carbon copying and replying all, email can get out of hand. Email is a problem because we all receive hundreds … Continue reading Sharing links to documents with SharePoint

SharePoint 2013 Content Organizer

SharePoint Content Organizer automatically routes documents to their proper libraries and folders according to metadata and content type.

28 SharePoint Ideas – Vail presentation

I recently spoke at a conference in Vail on using SharePoint to improve communication within a company. The full presentation is below. Pillar Properties Case Study 28 Ideas for SharePoint and Office 2013 11 ways to share documents 9 ways to manage projects & schedules 8 ways to work with data

SharePoint as a net add

When SharePoint is an additional tool instead of a replacement for an old tool, adoption can be tough. Most of us are heads down, just trying to get through the day, so we greet new things with skepticism and disinterest. SharePoint might be worthy of investing some time, but that's the one thing an employee … Continue reading SharePoint as a net add