Trusting SharePoint

The specific functionality SharePoint offers is interesting enough to pique interest, but full adoption, requires trust. Users need to know that the system is permanent and useful before they will spend the extra effort required to learn the system. There are five important areas to consider in engendering this trust. Stability – The site must … Continue reading Trusting SharePoint

Building SharePoint Adoption

Users adopt SharePoint at the same rate and to the same degree that they perceive the tool as something that is easier, better, or faster than whatever they were using before. SharePoint as an enterprise content management system faces a particularly high hurdle in creating this perception because the alternative, file shares and attachments, is … Continue reading Building SharePoint Adoption

Outgrowing SharePoint as a Database

When is software too powerful for your own good? A few years ago I was asked to help a customer with an Excel problem. The employee who originally created a set of Excel spreadsheets that controlled and managed shipping schedules had left the company, and the company now needed a few minor changes… a couple … Continue reading Outgrowing SharePoint as a Database

SharePoint Gadgets are No Replacement for Strategy

It’s very tempting to focus on small, easy problems for quick wins using the various tools and gadgets SharePoint provides. String a few of these victories together, and it may even look like SharePoint has been fully embraced within the company. Full adoption, however, comes from strategic needs and a strategic approach. Gadgetry is fine … Continue reading SharePoint Gadgets are No Replacement for Strategy

Strategic and Tactical

Strategic SharePoint goals are realized through tactical successes. A successful SharePoint site (one that meets strategic objectives) does so with tactical wins.