Businesses move to support remote working

Stepping into Carbon Beverage Cafe on Platte, you’ll hear light music, steam from an espresso machine, and the chatter of keyboards from the patrons who spend their day at community tables or converging around the spare visible outlet. These remote workers are here every day for a few minutes or hours. They work at some … Continue reading Businesses move to support remote working

Application Rationalization

Application Rationalization is the process by which IT reasserts control and brings technology investments in line with current and future business needs.

What if your biggest threat isn’t incremental evolution of known competitors, but rather dramatic change?

Every industry, including yours, will have its Uber/Netflix revolution. The race you're running won't follow the course you expect, and someone in the crowd is as likely to win (using a hot air balloon) as one of the other runners.

Securing the End User

Securing the user is a priority for any organization serious about preventing a data breach. That's because hacking a user is much easier than hacking a firewall. Hackers can take a company's data through phishing and spear fishing schemes for which users are often unaware. All of the big manufacturers are moving to address this issue. … Continue reading Securing the End User

Shadow and BiModal IT are forcing evolution

Gartner and others have pointed out that business IT delivery is changing dramatically in a couple of ways, and all of us in technology are having to adapt. First, about 40% of decisions about technology are now made outside of the IT Department. Line of business managers are now budgeted and empowered to pursue their … Continue reading Shadow and BiModal IT are forcing evolution