Application Rationalization

Cloud applications have empowered business managers outside of IT to select software and systems that can grow to become mission critical. This “Shadow IT” makes enforcing IT strategy and governance more difficult and often leads to duplication, compatibility issues, and other unintended problems.

Application Rationalization is the process by which IT reasserts control and brings technology investments in line with current and future business needs. By pursuing application rationalization:

  • Business needs are identified;
  • An application strategy is developed;
  • Existing applications are evaluated;
  • Applications are supported, combined, or discontinued;
  • Application governance is employed.

Recently we’ve engaged with a few clients in various phases of application rationalization. These companies are looking to become more efficient, streamline processes to enable growth, and get more from their existing technology investments.

We used this deck to describe this work. Please comment below or reach out if you have questions or thoughts.

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