ITIL Service Desk

I just published An Evolution of the IT Help Desk, my first post for the Long View Systems blog. Many of the thought leaders at Long View post regularly, so I would strongly recommend subscribing.

I’ve spent my first month at Long View Systems learning about the company and meeting the practice leads, none of whom have been more impressive than the fine folk running the End User Experience (EUX) group. Their work with the Long View Systems ITIL Service Desk has been recognized by Gartner as a challenger in the magic quadrant.

There are some very big difference between the standard IT help desk offered by most IT consulting companies and a full service ITIL Service Desk.

ITIL Service Desk

Whereas a simple IT help desk is limited to supporting just technology issues, the ITIL Service Desk fields any type of question, including those involving facilities, HR, and administration. An ITIL Service Desk is a single point of contact for any issue a user might have.

Tools like ServiceNow facilitate anytime anywhere support. The goal is to get users back to being productive as quickly as possible without qualifications.

The Long View Systems ITIL Service Desk

Long View strictly follows established ITIL Service Desk best practices, but the offering is evolving. Look for excited announcements around machine learning, preventative work, and automation soon.

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