SharePoint Gadgets are No Replacement for Strategy

It’s very tempting to focus on small, easy problems for quick wins using the various tools and gadgets SharePoint provides. String a few of these victories together, and it may even look like SharePoint has been fully embraced within the company. Full adoption, however, comes from strategic needs and a strategic approach. Gadgetry is fine … Continue reading SharePoint Gadgets are No Replacement for Strategy

When to workflow

There are three considerations in deciding if a workflow should be automated through SharePoint: Complexity, Volume, and Importance. Complexity A workflow should only be automated if the steps are complex enough to warrant the effort. That's not to say, SharePoint can't be used for simple workflows, but just that the out of the box low … Continue reading When to workflow

Human Centered Design and SharePoint

I’m grateful that a consulting partner of mine recently introduced me to IDEO’s Human Centered Design (HCD) technique. I think it is an outstanding approach for building anything of value, and I’ve been working through applying the nuance of that system to our SharePoint engagements. (Read the HCD toolkit here.) What is Human Centered Design? … Continue reading Human Centered Design and SharePoint

SharePoint Committees

The impetus behind implementing SharePoint for many companies is empowering users to solve their own communication problems.  With SharePoint, end users, who see the problems first hand, can address them immediately without moving up the chain. Educating users on both what SharePoint can do and how it does it is obviously very important, but this … Continue reading SharePoint Committees

Getting SharePoint Back on Track

   It doesn't take much to make SharePoint an obvious success. The tool is so powerful and capable of solving such a wide variety of problems that a few zealous users can drive adoption for an entire enterprise. Unfortunately, a few high level strategic mistakes can also make failure. We are often brought in to resurrect … Continue reading Getting SharePoint Back on Track