Contract Management System

I’ve had a couple of requests now for a SharePoint Contract Management System, so I thought I would write up one approach to the project. SharePoint contract management systems are unique to each company, but typically they involve these features: Stores draft and final versions of contracts Manages contract phases (under review, approved, active, and … Continue reading Contract Management System

Outgrowing SharePoint as a Database

When is software too powerful for your own good? A few years ago I was asked to help a customer with an Excel problem. The employee who originally created a set of Excel spreadsheets that controlled and managed shipping schedules had left the company, and the company now needed a few minor changes… a couple … Continue reading Outgrowing SharePoint as a Database

Connections with Excel and Access

SharePoint lists are more accessible and easier to share than simple Excel spreadsheets, but sometimes the data in one of these lists needs the more robust tools that Microsoft Office provides. The Export to Excel and Open and Access features give you access to these tools while the data stays accessible in SharePoint. Unidirectional Exporting … Continue reading Connections with Excel and Access