SharePoint Tables of Contents

Use the SharePoint Table of Contents web part to create a directory of the contents of a sub site.

Use RSS to combine information from several SharePoint web parts

Use RSS to combine data from several web parts into a single view.

SharePoint can do almost anything, but…

SharePoint can do almost anything, but… Remember to say, “That’s phase 2”. Keep a running list of nice-to-haves.  Evaluate and prioritize them after successful completion of the first phase. Don’t move your goal posts, especially for something that you might not think is that important after you have a little perspective. Avoid time-consuming customizations for … Continue reading SharePoint can do almost anything, but…

SharePoint as a relational database

A Learning Management System in SharePoint I’ve been thinking about how SharePoint can act as a relational database with interrelated lists or tables.  Typically, a company would use Microsoft Access as a basic database, but SharePoint, in some situations, has the advantage. SharePoint is easier to access (ironically) because it is a web portal The … Continue reading SharePoint as a relational database