Ongoing SharePoint Support and Marketing

SharePoint should be continually re-launched to users through marketing and continuing innovation.  If the purpose of the platform is significant, then the change to the users' working style could be profound, and users need continuous support to understand that new working style and understand the value of the change.  Continually sell the program by improving … Continue reading Ongoing SharePoint Support and Marketing

Trusting SharePoint

The specific functionality SharePoint offers is interesting enough to pique interest, but full adoption, requires trust. Users need to know that the system is permanent and useful before they will spend the extra effort required to learn the system. There are five important areas to consider in engendering this trust. Stability – The site must … Continue reading Trusting SharePoint

SharePoint Adoption through education

Fully-supporting a SharePoint site means providing training and education through a variety of delivery methods.   Here are a few ideas for training your users. SharePoint training before you launch A common mistake is to design a site without educating the business on what SharePoint does and why it is useful.  The entire project team needs … Continue reading SharePoint Adoption through education