SharePoint Permissions

SharePoint permissions limit visibility of content to specific users and groups of users. They can be set at the site, library, folder, and item level. Changing Permissions Review permissions for a document library by clicking on “Permissions for this document library” in the settings screen for that document library.  You’ll see a list of users … Continue reading SharePoint Permissions

SharePoint Data Loss Prevention

SharePoint’s strength is in helping people share and collaborate around content, but if unmanaged, that ability to share can create information security issues. These issues come in many forms: Noncompliant sharing of Sensitive Personal Information (Protected Health Information, etc.) Risky behavior with client or employee financial data Accidental sharing of corporate financial information to the … Continue reading SharePoint Data Loss Prevention

Building SharePoint Adoption

Users adopt SharePoint at the same rate and to the same degree that they perceive the tool as something that is easier, better, or faster than whatever they were using before. SharePoint as an enterprise content management system faces a particularly high hurdle in creating this perception because the alternative, file shares and attachments, is … Continue reading Building SharePoint Adoption