The Product Development Banana

A client tells the industry rag he wants a banana. The industry rag identifies a trend in “Linear Fruit.” Vendor Executives read the article and innovate on “Linear Food.” Vendor product team develops “Sausage Services” Vendor Sales asks the client if he wants a hot dog.


The onslaught of Linkedin recruiters, changing norms with the younger generation (Of which I am a proud member), and a hundred other factors have had their toll, and as a consequence the average tenure of an employee has decreased to as little as 1 year in highly technical companies. Even if internal recruiters can fill … Continue reading Turnover

The Least Useful Talent

Some people have a knack for seeing the inevitability of failure and try to contribute by pointing out imperfections, road blocks, and problems. That has to be the least useful talent. Foreseeing tragedy. A slightly less useless talent is that of finding good ideas- issuing approval of the vision without a thought toward how it … Continue reading The Least Useful Talent

Outsider and Incumbent Perspectives

The outsider’s advantage over the incumbent is the same as the incumbent’s advantage over the outsider- perspective. The incumbent is one of us. He knows our world. But the outsider has fresh eyes. He can help us change. I’ve had a lot of downtime over the past month. I’ve looked up from the day-to-day mire … Continue reading Outsider and Incumbent Perspectives


“Underperforming” implies that someone knows better- that someone knows that the work being done isn’t as good, or as much, or is smart as what could be done. The problem with underperforming is that it quickly becomes over-expecting, and at that point, a person who thinks he is simply underperforming is actually just kidding himself. … Continue reading Underperforming