Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016

I recently presented at Denver SharePoint Meetup on “Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016”. It was a really fun experience. I think I earned a few honest chuckles, and hopefully shared some interesting research.

I used Sway for the presentation. If you haven’t heard of it before, Sway is a young product for Microsoft that is built to create presentations that are inherently web-based and mobile-friendly. The presentation is at the link below.

My Awesome Sway Presentation on Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016

Hybrid Search in SharePoint 2016 will solve a few problems. Hybrid search combines search results from on premises SharePoint sites, File Servers, BCS connected applications, and Office 365. Even if a company has strewn documents across many repositories, at least their search experience can be unified.

In a sense, it is simply an iteration on federated search from previous versions. The big difference is that the search index is stored in the Office 365 tenant, which implies that Microsoft is essentially offering Enterprise Search with every O365 subscription. This includes, perhaps, eDiscovery and Data Loss Prevention.

Sounds cool. With the recent announcement of SharePoint 2016 being generally available, we’ll see soon enough how it works.

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