SharePoint Send To Feature

The Send To feature in SharePoint allows a user to copy a document to second location in SharePoint, but maintain a relationship between the copy and the original so that changes to the original will be pushed to each copy.

In the example for applying this tool I created below, a project team would use the Send To feature to post project status on a client portal, while keeping their internal collaboration private. The project status document on the client portal can then be updated from within the project site.

Communicating Project Status with Send To in SharePoint

I started with a project document library. On a standard Project Site. This site houses collaboration with team members, some of which may not be appropriate for client visibility.

Send to 1

I also created a basic client portal on a separate sub-site. This portal would be visible to project team members, other internal stakeholders, and the client.

Send to 2

Send to 3I then selected a document in the internal project site that I wanted to share to the client portal by clicking the check mark to the left. Under the File tab, in the copies group, I chose Send To and Other Location.

I pasted the URL for the client portal document library and chose the option to prompt the author to send out updates when the document is checked in. I also checked the box to prompt on the original copy. I clicked OK twice, and the system confirmed the connection.  The document appeared in the client portal document library.

The original and copy of the document are now related.

Use the same Send To command to updates the copies of the file when changes are made to the original. Just select the document, and choose Send To and Existing Copies under the File tab. Then select the copy you want to update and click OK.

Other features, like content types, overlap in functionality with Send To, and decisions about which tool to use when have a lot to do with taxonomy, permission structure, and information architecture of the site. Send To may or may not be the right approach for each situation, but it is certainly a great feature.

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